Sunday, February 28, 2010

Honey Bun Cake?! YES!!

Don't be fooled, it definitely wasn't a smooth beginning...

It was actually more like this:
Followed with it crumbling to pieces in my hands and then landing on my floor/sink...

Kind of like this:
Yeah, Just like that.

Now for the story behind that "almost lost my mind" cake. 
A good friend of ours here at the Naval Base celebrated a birthday on a day which was not convenient for me, so I had to reschedule his Birthday Cake. :) Now, being the person that I am, I believe that every person's dessert should be personal. This guy LOVES Honey Buns. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Dessert. Loves them. So, first thought when I was thinking of a theme for his cake? Honey Bun.. CAKE. I got myself in a little too deep. I'm too creative for my own good! I dream.. too big. Nonetheless, I started my mission. 

My Gameplan: 
Find perfect picture of Honey Bun. 
Find recipe for Honey Bun Cake. 
Find recipe for Honey Bun Icing. 
Go Shopping. 
Be satisfied with results. 

Sounds like cake, right? It was, until the "Execute" part. The recipe seemed fine. It was a play on a box cake... not my personal usual way of making cake, but I gave it a shot. Made the batter, baked it off, waited for it to cool, and tried to remove it from the pan. Well, that was easy! (I bought this awesome new Cake Off stuff from Wilton.. Its MAGICAL.) Except, as I held it in my hands... I felt it... wiggle-wobble. My first thought: Oh.. No. As soon as that thought processed... I looked down only to find my cake in crumbles on the floor. 

Reaction? Crap. Oh well, gotta move. I have to make more cake.. QUICK.

So, I went back and pulled out my handy-dandy...Chiffon Cake Recipe! 
Ha! I bet a lot of you were thinking NOTEBOOK! And if in that case you did, You're watching too much Blue's Clues.

Anyways, a mad rush, and a double recipe of cake batter baked off, and an hour and a half later... I had way too much cake. (About 5 cake pans to be exact.) Oh well, it freezes GREAT! My kitchen was a disaster. 
Well, I finally finished the cake.. AND dinner. (Don't know how I did it.)
I was actually very proud of my cake, especially with its history and it being my first time working with fondant. I see MANY flaws, but all-in-all, I see a story. I love stories :)


  1. Sorry I should have signed the post. Beth

  2. Hi...This is Casey's Mom. Yesterday I sent a post, but for soem reason it didn't go thru....oh well.
    Was just commenting on some of the great things you've created. I too am trying my hand at cake decorating, maybe when I get some time I will download pics and send to you.
    I think the honey bun cake is fabulous and I think you can really go somewhere with that creation. Don't let anyone have that secret. Maybe enter into a contest or something like that.
    Anyway, I promise I'll be sending the cookie cutters soon.
    Casey's Mom...Beth