Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sugar Cookie Musical//

I love, love, love this post!

Mainly because I found.. THE Sugar Cookie Recipe. Now, for those of you who understand how magical it is when you find the recipe, you understand how great it can make you feel. Like all of your hard work and testing of recipes has paid off. Well, I experienced that recently. 
My church had a talent show, and my first thought is: We need dessert! So, I took it upon myself to make cookies. 50 cookies. 50 decorated cookies. The night before. Three hours before bedtime. 
Anyways, let's not dwell on the past. :)
I made the dough, and just looking at the dough, I said to myself, "This.. is.. IT." 

I was so excited, I took a picture of this phenomenal dough.

So now, what shape do I make these Talent Show Cookies?

MUSIC NOTES, of course. 

I just couldn't help myself. 

As for the icings, they also came out perfect. All this amazing-ness in one night? "No way," you say? Yes.. way. It was great.

Okay. Drum-roll, Please.

Oh, man. I'm like a proud mother. Haha!


  1. Oh man, another reason I'm sad we missed the Talent Show. My kids get sick at the worst times. :(

  2. Beautiful Cookies!

    Check me out:

  3. so, what's the recipe?? please share!