Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elmo Cookies & Strawberry Curd filled Cupcakes!

Okay, So I took my first big "scary cookie" leap.

 I was so nervous that these cookies were going to come out horrible, but they didn't! I'm so proud, they actually came out fairly decent. I was a Nanny for these really awesome twins down in Charleston, and I just had to be relocated to New York JUST mere weeks before their 2nd birthday (I blame the Navy & My Husband). So, to make everyone feel better, especially myself, I volunteered to make their birthday dessert. Elmo Cookies... or in Nanny Baby talk - Melmo Cookies. 
25-30ish of them. It was like an Elmo Army. My husband was scared, and that made it worth it! 

And the best part of the entire process:
The happy customers :) A.K.A. My Nanny Babies with their Melmo Cookies :) 

Happy Birthday!! I <3 You both!!


Now on to the Strawberry Curd filled Cupcakes!

Now, I would like to point out how, I was giving these away, and they came out so good! (It REALLY makes the "giving" process harder)

But they WERE delicious. Vanilla Cupcake filled with Strawberry Curd and topped with Vanilla Frosting... Simple I know, but sometimes it's the best!

And to really top it off: Half a strawberry & a pretty little mint leaf. :)


  1. beautiful strawberry cupcakes! Elmo is adorable too!

  2. Thank you so much!

    I wasn't expecting any comments, since I took the lazy way and there was no story with the food. (haha) I just came back on to put up the stories and I was like, "YAY! some one commented!"

  3. I want some cookies and cupcakes, do you ship.....????

  4. I can ship cookies, definitely. As for cupcakes... I can't imagine that they'd ship well! :(