Monday, August 16, 2010

Martini Cookies

Hi All!! Long time no post. I'm sorry! I have been baking & working like crazy! Yesterday, however, I managed to squeeze in a few martinis ;) 
....Okay, Okay, you caught me.. they were Martini Cookies! 
Made for a very best friend's 21st birthday!! (Happy Birthday A!)
I tried a couple of new techniques, some I'll keep, some I'll pass on. :) 
I did try covering the cookies in fondant - I'm going to keep this one :) It made the whole process SO much easier. Let's not mention that I HATE flooding royal icing, I always add too much water!
Live & learn, right? By the way, I learned from Shelly, over @ cookies & cups. She's a new contributor to the University of Cookie site. They make VLOGS people! Ahem, video blogs for those not "in the know." It really makes learning new stuff so much easier when you can see it done. So... Thanks Shelly! I learned something new this week :)

-Talk to you guys soon! Love, Bridgette.

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  1. awww, they turned out so great! Thanks for the shout out!